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(they/them) Ptah and Wepwawet devotee. IPA: kxɛnɛfərit̮u

Hi! I'm Khenne, a Kemetic Humanist.

What does that mean?

I'm still figuring it out!

Kemetic Humanism is a form of Kemetic polytheism that focuses on growing ma'at and destroying isfet by engaging in the seen world rather than work within the Duat. It embraces the multitude of Kemetic spiritual experiences as equally true, from those who work with the netjeru as archetypes to those who worship Them as individual divinities.

I began the journey leading to Kemetic Humanism after feeling underwhelmed by attempts in the House of Netjer to deal with racism. As a white devotee of an African religion, I believe it is our duty to uproot racist figures, educate the uninformed, and be continuously learning how to better support BIPOC both in our community and our world.

Feel free to join me on Discord and help decide what that means!

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